Home Buying Questions

Buying a home can be nerve-wracking and scary. Doesn’t matter if it is your first home or it is your fifth house purchase there are many questions that may be running through your head to determine is this the right fit? Here are 3 main issues that homebuyers should address upfront:

  • Offering price
  • Condition of home
  • Location of home


Below are some of the most important questions to ask when buying a home:

  • How much have similar homes sold for in the neighborhood? Knowing what comparable homes are selling for helps you know the value of your home.
  • What is the type of foundation? Raised foundations allow access under the home to reach plumbing and electrical, as do homes with basements. Slab foundations are more common in newer developments.
  • Does the home have insulation in the walls and attic? How much? Depending on the climate you live in- insulation is very important!
  • What are the monthly utility costs? You can’t get away from utility costs, so knowing what your monthly budget is up against is a good idea.
  • Is there a document or warranty for appliances? Knowing about and how old your appliances are and knowing the warranty can help save you money if anything went wrong.
  • How big is the water heater? Depending on your family, and household needs knowing the size of your water heater could be critical.
  • Has there ever been a busted pipe? A broken pipe is not rare. In fact, water damage caused by a frozen or burst pipe is a leading cause of homeowner’s insurance claims.
  • How old is the roof? Knowing the age of a roof will give you a good idea of how soon and how much you will have to budget for repairs or replacements.