I love working with Buyers from all over the world and from all facets of life.  If you are buying your very first home, if you are a savvy investor, if you are buying a vacation home for your family or your retirement dream, I know and love it all.  I have had the pleasure to represent hundreds of buyers in my 12 years at The Whistler Real Estate Co.   With every property purchase I am thrilled and excited to see you through the process and help you make your real estate dreams a reality.

As your representative I will guide you through every step of the purchasing process.  I will provide you with the latest listings and an unbiased opinion of the market value on properties of interest to you. I will bring to you all the necessary tools and information that will allow you to make an educated decision about which property is right for YOU. Most importantly, once we identify the property of your choice, I will be your expert negotiator, ensuring that you achieve a purchase at the best possible price.

The Whistler Real Estate Company

The Whistler Real Estate Company Ltd. has been providing full real estate services in the Whistler and Pemberton areas since 1978, and has consistently been Whistler’s #1 real estate company during that time.

The Whistler Real Estate Company currently holds the majority of the market share in Whistler and Pemberton. We have about 48% of all listings and have represented 45% of all sales year-to-date. We out list and sell our 3 closest competitors combined (market numbers based on WLS statistics 2012). This translates into more enquiries, showings, and interested buyers for listings with our company.

We represent properties that cover the entire spectrum of real estate in Whistler including commercial operations, luxury accommodations, prestigious million dollar chalets, single-family homes, condos, acreages and opportunities for shared ownership.

Top 5 Buyer FAQ’s

There are two main types of Rental Covenants in Whistler.  A Phase 1 Rental Covenant is the least restrictive as the owner is allowed unrestricted use of their property.  When the owner is not using the property it is meant to be placed into a Rental Management company for rental to the general public.  A Phase 2 Rental Covenant is more restrictive in terms of owner usage.  The owner is limited to 56 days of personal use (28 days in the summer & 28 days in the winter).  The remaining days must be rented out nightly by a Rental Management company.
Tourism Whistler is a legislated mandatory membership organization, which is empowered to market Whistler on behalf of its members. All owners of what is designated “Resort Lands” in Whistler must be a member of Tourism Whistler and contribute assessment fees to support ongoing marketing and sales initiatives. We encourage you to visit each of the departmental sections of this website to understand the role of each department and current initiatives in the marketplace.
Simply stated, Strata Condominiums are a form of interest in real property combining an element of fee simple ownership and common property owned as tenants in common. You will own your strata lot or condominium unit in fee simple. The strata lot is defined in the Strata Plan. In addition, you become a tenant in common with respect to all common property and assets, in proportion to the unit entitlement.
The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a 5% federal tax that applies to the purchase of new construction and on the resale of accommodations that have been rented out for short term/nightly rentals. The payment of GST can be deferred if the new purchaser is going to continue to offer the property for short term or nightly rental for 90% of the time and becomes a GST registrant. Becoming a GST registrant is a straightforward procedure of completing four forms. Once you are a GST registrant, you are entitled to claim credits for the GST that you pay, for example on legal fees, property management fees, and utilities such as electricity, gas, cable and telephone. You are then required to charge, collect and remit GST on the nightly rentals, which in some cases may be done through your property manager. You will be required to file an annual GST return as well.
Yes, both fixed rate and variable rate mortgages are available through Canadian lenders for terms of 1 to 10 years.  The loan can be amortized up to 25 years. As a non-resident you will be required to have a larger down payment of 35%.