Whistler Overview

Whistler is consistently voted the No. 1 Ski resort in North America. We were the Official Mountain Host of the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, and the resort is known as a world-class outdoor recreation Mecca and destination to the rich and famous. We hold more than a few world records. Whistler is also a vibrant and thriving community of friendly and outgoing people. It is entrepreneurs, top athletes, artists, musicians, students, seniors and families, who all once visited the resort, fell in love with the area – and never left. Whistler is a mixture of Family adventures, Athletics, Arts and Culture, evenings by the fire and having friends over for dinner – all with two of the very best mountains and all of Mother Nature’s glory in your back yard.

Whistler is a place that actually does have it all, from the opulent and metropolitan, to the quaint and unassuming.   From a real estate standpoint, Whistler is a very unique marketplace. As a “Resort Municipality” we have many differences compared to a traditional residential community.   We have different taxation, unique zoning and covenants, building schemes and rental restrictions.  The best advice we have when considering Buying in Whistler is, do your research, ask the questions and hire qualified third parties for legal, accounting and building advice.
Whistler offers a variety of property types, price ranges and locations, as your real estate representative, I will guide you through the all of the options to help you better understand how to become a member of this beautiful community.

Top Reasons Whistler is Unique

• Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains – #1 Ski Resort in North America and growing in international acclaim for Mountain Biking.
• Four seasons of resort activity, arts and cultural events, sporting events, farmers markets, and festivals.
• Great weather, not too cold and not too hot.  Snow in the winter and sun in the summer.
• Clean environment and SAFE community.
• Easy access to downtown Vancouver and an international airport.

School Systems

There are several schools to including a Montessori school, 2 Preschools, a Waldorf School, which serves grades 0 to 12, 2 Elementary Schools and a French Ecole.  There is one High School, which serves grades 8 to 12. Currently there is talk of a possible private School and private University that we might see come to fruition in the future.


Whistler is made up of approximately 10,000 full time residents.  When our town is at full capacity, we have a population of over 30,000 including guests and seasonal visitors.  It is a small, tight community with an international feel! The different languages that you hear spoken in the village are amazing. There are many new individuals and families coming to Whistler all the time.
We are a very athletic community with a young and youthful vibe.  Our festive environment is on display with our town’s commitment to arts and culture.   We are seen as a clean, safe community and the quality of life here is very high.