2015 Tax Assessments

This year’s tax assessment roll, based on market value estimates on July 1, 2014 and the physical condition of properties as of October 31, 2014, has been published. Corridor-wide. The Vancouver-Sea to Sky region’s assessment roll increased from $374.1 billion last year to $407.1 billion this year. A total of almost $5.7 billion was added through subdivisions, rezoning, and new construction.

In Whistler, the most recent assessment roll has increased the value of property by 5.84%. This is an increase of $568 million over last year’s value of $9.73 billion. Overall property values in Pemberton total just over $500 million according to this year’s assessment, an increase of about 4.6% from last year. Squamish saw an increase of 4.16% to an overall value of $4.014 billion.

The assessment statement is a very broad brush, and every subdivision may have a slightly different experience. Before anyone jumps to any conclusions about whether or not their taxes or property values are going to go up, they need to look at comparable data of similar properties.

Property owners who have any concerns with their assessment should contact BC Assessment as indicated on their notice as soon as possible. Visit the BC Assessments website for more information. The new and improved e-value BC website has also been launched and allows you to easily compare assessments. If you would like to appeal your assessment you must do so by February 2, 2015.